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You know you´ve been away for too long…

…when you cannot remember how to log into you blog! I could not believe my eyes, when I returned here and realized that I have not been writing for so many month. What happened? Well, to be honest. Not really … Continue reading

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Ice, Ice, baby!

We woke up to a beautiful day. New snow had fallen during the night and the sun was shining from a perfectly blue sky with quite acceptable temperatures around -1°C. No way that we would stay inside after having such … Continue reading

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Good shit man!

It´s -10° C outside. Not really a terrible temperature for a Swedish winter but still enough to make me want to stay inside. Especially since the wind behaves like a little, angry bulldog and bites your cheeks as if there … Continue reading

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Every dog has its day

I always liked the idea of having a pet but really, truly owning one turned out to be a whole different story. My childhood rabbit was starving of affection and would have starved of food as well if my parents … Continue reading

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Ultra rapid time flying…

…holly cow, 4 month have passed and not a single word from me. Trust me, it is not that I wanted to keep you waiting. I had the best intentions but life came in between. And what a crazy life … Continue reading

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From England back to Stockholm and then off to Karlstad

We are back from our expat experience in England but somehow we aren´t. Because we didn´t return to where we left off. We skipped Stockholm. Turned our backs to her even though she had done nothing to deserve it. Are … Continue reading

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