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Yay, yay, yay. I love weekends and I suppose I am not alone. Started this one with a night out. Scientisty, and admittedly probably a bit geeky as I am, I convinced some of my friends to start the evening … Continue reading

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You know you´ve been away for too long…

…when you cannot remember how to log into you blog! I could not believe my eyes, when I returned here and realized that I have not been writing for so many month. What happened? Well, to be honest. Not really … Continue reading

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Our house, in the middle of our street?

Sometimes really weird things happen that make be believe that fate exists after all. Last Thursday was one of those days. But before I tell you about this particular event let´s go back a few month first… It´s October and … Continue reading

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Ultra rapid time flying…

…holly cow, 4 month have passed and not a single word from me. Trust me, it is not that I wanted to keep you waiting. I had the best intentions but life came in between. And what a crazy life … Continue reading

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From England back to Stockholm and then off to Karlstad

We are back from our expat experience in England but somehow we aren´t. Because we didn´t return to where we left off. We skipped Stockholm. Turned our backs to her even though she had done nothing to deserve it. Are … Continue reading

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