Yay, yay, yay. I love weekends and I suppose I am not alone. Started this one with a night out. Scientisty, and admittedly probably a bit geeky as I am, I convinced some of my friends to start the evening by attending the local “Research grand prix”. Yawn you might say, but wait. It was actually quite fun. Not fun like in I´m laughing my ass of but still.

The whole point with this event was that researchers where challenged to present their research in three minutes AND in an understandable and entertaining manner. Tough!!! The set up was pretty much like in American idol. Everyone got to vote and a jury commented on the presentation. And like in all other competitions also today the person with most points took home the victory.
Unfortunately my favorite guy didn´t win and I blame it on the fact that his competitor was better looking. People are so easy to manipulate… In fact, so easy, that they must not even have heard that the guy actually STUDIED how you can manipulate people through using certain gestures and looks. But hey, who am I to judge. 😉

After the show we went to have some beers and burgers and I just enjoyed being out. What have you done?

Hope you had a great night as well!

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