You know you´ve been away for too long…

…when you cannot remember how to log into you blog!

I could not believe my eyes, when I returned here and realized that I have not been writing for so many month. What happened?

Well, to be honest. Not really much it´s just that life came in between me and my blogging. Let me explain. Living our life right now is a bit bit like being drunk. Like those moments  when the bed is spinning and you cannot stop it even if you put both your feet to the ground as hard as you can. Universe does not care and the world just keeps turning, if you want it or not.

Weeks fly by, month fly by and there are things to do all the time. Often they are not very spectacular or glamorous, more like climbing mountains of laundry, “hunting” groceries, picking up and dropping off little wild things  and last but not least earning a living. But do not get me wrong. All those unspectacular events hold many treasure-able moments full of a five and a two years old deep discussions, great observations and funny logic.  My father in law keeps saying that this will be the best time of our life and I agree, it´s fabulous. The problem is just that there is so little time to really, truthfully inhale all those good moments. Or am I wrong?

Would love to hear how you tackle life on the other side of this line and how you treasure your special moments! 🙂

Oh and yeah, here is a swedish song by Timbuktu that you might like. It´s one of those that grows on you, if you ask me. Enjoy!

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