Back to the roots…

…and by that I don´t mean that you have to start digging to find me. I am not dead, I have only been visiting my folks for FOUR weeks and hence my disappearance. BUT THERE IS INTERNET IN GERMANY, I hear you holler and yes you are right, there is. The problem is, my parents have discovered it too. Every time I decided to drop a little note either my mom or my dad were occupying the computer and given that they helped my so much with the girls I didn´t have the heart to drive them away. I hope you forgive me! 🙂

But now I am back, fresh and relaxed and with lots and lots of things to tell. The question is where to start. Did I mention that we had a marvelous time? Four weeks of sunshine (we even got some tan), a wonderful wedding, many little excursions in and around the “Odenwald”, lots of sausages, “real” bread and Spätzle and of course lots of catching up with the fam and friends.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you an impression:


Bavarian night with Salvator beer, Pretzels and "Haxe". Yum!


Where shall we go?


No rivers too deep, no tree trunks too high and with a helping hand things get yet a bit easier. Thanks grandpa.


Watching the zebras at the "Vivarium" in Darmstadt. A great place to visit with little kids.




A fantastic sculpture in Darmstadt. Move heads, feet, hands, arms according to your personal preference. 🙂


"Blow out" eggs...


... and color them as you wish!


A trip to Heidelberg. One of my favorite cities.


We built a tippy tent for our Playmobil guys.




Mating times are crazy times. How many frogs can you count?


Our four year old learned how to bike! Well done!


Our one year old got a "walkable" bike which would probably grow onto her bottom if we wouldn´t take her off every here and then.

Finally, I have to tell you that I also watched a fantastic movie called “The intouchables“. If you have not seen it yet go and do so. Its based on a true story about a very rich man, who becomes quadriplegic after an accident and who hires a former criminal to be his caretaker. It´s one of those movies that make you leave the theater feeling like you are floating through the world, if you know what I mean.

All right my friends, gotta dash but I´ll be back. 🙂

PS: We didn´t buy the house I told you about earlier. It was wayyyyyyy to big for us.

PPS: Sorry, still haven´t figured out how to present the pictures in a fancier way but I hope you enjoyed them anyways.

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