IKEA, we love you!

Mondays and Fridays are busy days. The kids are home from daycare and we have action from 7 to 7. To make those days a bit more special and to avoid that we get into each others hair by 3 pm I am usually trying to think of something that both the kids and me enjoy. This Friday we went to IKEA. Doesn´t sound like a place to take the kids? Well, I respectfully disagree. It´s THE place to go. It´s like visiting lots of different places and peeking into other peoples homes, trying lots of different toys in the kids section, searching for stuff that one could use for the princess room and whatever else. It´s only your imagination that sets the limits.  And oh, yes, there is another big advantage, which I almost forgot to mention.  IKEA meatballs! Both my girls LOVE them and therefore we can make their day yet a bit more special (and mine a bit easier, I admit) by having a girls lunch out.

We didn´t buy much this time (which is nearly worth an applause!!!) but we found the one thing that we were looking for: a princess treasure chest. Not expensive at all and just right for a little project to do with the kids at home. Here is how the rest of the day was spent:

Ok, now let´s get organised. Who is who, and where is who in the chest building world?
Screw you!
“I – will – get – this -screw-in, aaarrrr…” “Ok, keep trying, while I test whether your construction holds”!
Yeah, we made it! Tjohooo! There is actually space not only for our princess stuff but also for us. Awesome.

PS: Sorry, but I haven´t figured out how to get the captions underneath each picture… Looks good in my draft but not once it´s published. Any advice?

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