Right now, we are…

* watching snow flakes dance in front of our kitchen window

*having discussions about whether we should listen to this:

 or this (thanks A. for sending me the link, it´s awesome):

* wearing at least three layers of clothes when we go outside, which means it takes us about half an hour to get ready each time.

* wondering whether the snow will stay with us until Saturday. WE WOULD LOVE TO  GO  SKIING.

* hoping that more jobs are popping up so that I can start applying.

* excited about the fact that we got a real, personal letter AND a package stuffed with goodies in the mail this week.

* loving the crack and sizzling sounds of burning wood in our new fireplace.

* feeling grateful for living in Sweden after reading about all the awful things going on around the world.

* fantasizing about all the fun things that we should/could do.

* wondering when we will find the time to actually do them.

* watching Pippi Longstocking over and over again.

* writing love letters to a little boy in England (well one of us is!)

* planning a wedding (not ours!)

* waiting for the sour dough to get in shape

* starting to work out again

* wishing you a lovely day, where ever you are!

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