Please hold the line

We were supposed to get internet a month ago, but we didn´t. One month, that is 31 days or 744 hours. Quite a long time, right? Especially if you consider that I spent at least two of those hours in a telephone cue to get in touch with the service provider to understand WHY we couldn´t connect to the outside world. Unfortunately there was no answer and instead we were given a broadband dongle that should substitute for the lacking internet connection until the problem was solved.

At first I was grateful that I got some help at all, but after a week or so I started to feel irritation and frustration creeping in. Nothing happened. No internet. No updates from the company on how things were proceeding. Nothing. Nix. Niente.

So I dialed, held the line, brushed my teeth, made coffee, held the line still, read the paper, took a shower, held the line a few more minutes, had to pee, took down the garbage and held the line some more until it was finally my turn to ask what was going on. “Uhm, well, we are not sure. We will have someone check later today!” “Later today??? I have been waiting for a week…” “I am sorry, but I am not sure what´s going on. We will check…”

And from then on things started to become a classic in repeat.  No answers, I did lots of things while holding the line, my broadband dongle got prolonged and prolonged and my internet connection remained silent.

One thing that really ticked me off during those weeks were the calls that the company made AFTER I had spoken to customer service to establish “how they have been doing”. And trust me, I would have told them how they had been doing IF I had talked to a real person but no, they are smart enough to make a machine call you. I wonder whether they ever get any answers. Imagine you are already pretty annoyed and then this: – ” What did you think about our service? (recorded voice)” – “Not really good” “I am sorry, did you say jolly good?” “No, I said YOU SUCK!” “I am sorry, did you say….”

Well, I am sure you get my point… Anyhow, to make a long story short,  after hours and hours of very irritating cuing and nearly making peace with the thought of living my life with a broadband dongle, I decided in a desperate moment, to call another company, which is also involved in providing internet to our house. All it needed was a two minute chat and the whole issue was solved. They called the telephone company on my behalf (thanks for saving me from 20 more minutes holding the line) and just a wee little later I was surfing across the www with my very own internet access at home. And guess who called me the same evening? You are right. A real person from my internet providers customer service to tell me that THEY had fixed the problem. Well, cheers!

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2 Responses to Please hold the line

  1. Michael says:

    Welcome back to the wide wide world 🙂 And a “Tack så mycket” to the guys from the other company for bringing you back, so that we can read your posts again!

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