Ice, Ice, baby!

We woke up to a beautiful day. New snow had fallen during the night and the sun was shining from a perfectly blue sky with quite acceptable temperatures around -1°C.


No way that we would stay inside after having such a view from our breakfast table. We packed S. ice-skates, I. pushchair and wrapped ourselves in several layers of clothes and went off. It takes us no more than 5 minutes by car to reach the biggest lake in Sweden, Vänern, which is frozen this time of the year (at least large parts of it). It´s amazing!

Quite a lot of people had the same idea as us and “our” corner of the lake was quite busy but we did not mind.

ImageWe took a stroll on the ice and little I. fell asleep in her pushchair, which was perfect. That way we got the chance to focus on S. ice-skating, which is difficult to do when I am alone with the two otherwise.

S. insisted on leaving the lake and to skate on a little ice-skating-rink close by. We spent about an hour there and it was quite fun to see her “being an ice princess”. Her skating has really improved this winter and she totally LOVES it. Her only concern is that her ice-skates are black and not princess-proper pink but I assume she will get over it at some point.

After being out for quite a while we decided to return to the car. By then I felt like a frozen Daiquiri and we were all ready for some waffles.


All in all quite a nice day, how was yours?

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