Every dog has its day

I always liked the idea of having a pet but really, truly owning one turned out to be a whole different story. My childhood rabbit was starving of affection and would have starved of food as well if my parents had not interfered. Similarly two goldfishes, given to me as a present to keep me company in my very first own apartment, did not survive for more than a couple weeks. Luckily for the rest of the pet world, I learned my lesson and never got pets again. They were for other people but not for me.

Today however, things changed because the solution to my ”liking-the-idea-of-having-a- pet-but-sucking-at-having-one” was served to me on a silver plate. My father in law had been dog sitting for three weeks and was quite sick and tired of it. Since I needed a babysitter, we made a deal, me dog today, he kids on Friday and it worked out great. At least the dog part… Fingers crossed the kids part goes as smoothly.

It has been a busy day but a great such. I had more fresh air and more exercise than I had in a long time and the kids loved to have the little fellow around. We went for a stroll in the woods where they proudly walked the dog (or well, I am not sure who walked who), had a snack at our place during which little I. learned that it is not a good idea to throw food during a tantrum, while a dog is patiently waiting underneath the table to grab any bite he can get, took a bath in our new bubble bathtub whilst Sigge fell asleep on a pile of our clothes after I refused to have him in the tub (– not over my dead body!!!) and spent lots of time chasing the little sucker to get all the kids toys back in our possession.

Now everyone except for “the parents” is sound asleep and silence has entered our home. To me, this is the perfect setting to finish this post, lean back on the sofa and watch super awesome MD House. After that it is time to say good-bye and return my new friend to its owner. Alive and kicking and hopefully already looking forward to our next date as much as I do.

Thanks, Sigge for getting me over my pet-ophobia or whatever I might have been suffering from. 🙂

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3 Responses to Every dog has its day

  1. Michael says:

    Yeah! New stories are coming in. As before: N, I love your writing! Hope you enjoyed the quiet evening.
    Cheers, Michael

  2. Anele says:

    Oh my gosh…Flauschi….but she was quite a skateboarder!

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