Ultra rapid time flying…

…holly cow, 4 month have passed and not a single word from me. Trust me, it is not that I wanted to keep you waiting. I had the best intentions but life came in between. And what a crazy life it has been. We have moved twice within the last 4 month, I started a new job (and finished it the other day), the kids started a new daycare and M. had to travel more than ever with his job. Some days I was so groggy that I was sound asleep by 8 pm.

Now life is getting back to a more normal pace. We have moved all our belongings to our new apartment on Tuesday, unpacked nearly everything during the following days and are now reaching a point were we could actually watch a movie at night without having a bad conscience because of all the must-be-dones that lurk around each corner and wait to be taken care of.

Right at this minute I am sitting on the train to Stockholm. Am going to meet the real estate agent tomorrow and hand over the keys to our old apartment. It feels weird and I sit with one eye crying and one eye laughing. The chapter Stockholm has now officially come to an end, which is really sad but I am glad that we got the chance to already peek into the new chapter, which looks very promising. There is lots of potential and hopefully we can make the most of it.

What´s going on in your life? Are you doing it tumble drier style as well?

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One Response to Ultra rapid time flying…

  1. Michael says:

    Finally… an update. Awesome! Looking forward to more posts. And no, I am not doing my life tumble drier style. Just a bit more relaxed 🙂 Kramar till Värmland! Michael

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