On the road again

On my way to my favorite city. Just for the day. For a conference. The journey will continue tomorrow. Then to meet the unknown but long admired. I am talking about Stockholm and Barcelona. And the talk is an excited such. I still cannot believe it. Everything got decided on Monday. A friend called and asked if I want to take over another friends ticket. And my family including aunt and father in law and my husbands aunt almost forced me to go. My boss said ‘of course. It is your right to have vacation’. So, how could i not go. Right now I am on the early, early morning train to Stockholm. Tired but happy and excited. Beautifuls I am coming. Please show yourselves from your best side. And Barcelona, please know that I do not mind sun and temperatures above 23C.

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Yay, yay, yay. I love weekends and I suppose I am not alone. Started this one with a night out. Scientisty, and admittedly probably a bit geeky as I am, I convinced some of my friends to start the evening by attending the local “Research grand prix”. Yawn you might say, but wait. It was actually quite fun. Not fun like in I´m laughing my ass of but still.

The whole point with this event was that researchers where challenged to present their research in three minutes AND in an understandable and entertaining manner. Tough!!! The set up was pretty much like in American idol. Everyone got to vote and a jury commented on the presentation. And like in all other competitions also today the person with most points took home the victory.
Unfortunately my favorite guy didn´t win and I blame it on the fact that his competitor was better looking. People are so easy to manipulate… In fact, so easy, that they must not even have heard that the guy actually STUDIED how you can manipulate people through using certain gestures and looks. But hey, who am I to judge. 😉

After the show we went to have some beers and burgers and I just enjoyed being out. What have you done?

Hope you had a great night as well!

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You know you´ve been away for too long…

…when you cannot remember how to log into you blog!

I could not believe my eyes, when I returned here and realized that I have not been writing for so many month. What happened?

Well, to be honest. Not really much it´s just that life came in between me and my blogging. Let me explain. Living our life right now is a bit bit like being drunk. Like those moments  when the bed is spinning and you cannot stop it even if you put both your feet to the ground as hard as you can. Universe does not care and the world just keeps turning, if you want it or not.

Weeks fly by, month fly by and there are things to do all the time. Often they are not very spectacular or glamorous, more like climbing mountains of laundry, “hunting” groceries, picking up and dropping off little wild things  and last but not least earning a living. But do not get me wrong. All those unspectacular events hold many treasure-able moments full of a five and a two years old deep discussions, great observations and funny logic.  My father in law keeps saying that this will be the best time of our life and I agree, it´s fabulous. The problem is just that there is so little time to really, truthfully inhale all those good moments. Or am I wrong?

Would love to hear how you tackle life on the other side of this line and how you treasure your special moments! 🙂

Oh and yeah, here is a swedish song by Timbuktu that you might like. It´s one of those that grows on you, if you ask me. Enjoy!

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Back to the roots…

This gallery contains 17 photos.

…and by that I don´t mean that you have to start digging to find me. I am not dead, I have only been visiting my folks for FOUR weeks and hence my disappearance. BUT THERE IS INTERNET IN GERMANY, I … Continue reading

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Our house, in the middle of our street?

Sometimes really weird things happen that make be believe that fate exists after all. Last Thursday was one of those days. But before I tell you about this particular event let´s go back a few month first…

It´s October and M. and I are driving around Karlstad. We want to see the different areas  and establish where we would like to live. The plan is to buy a house at some point. The question is where? There are many really lovely areas but there is one street that we like more than the rest. One single street!!! We joke around and “agree” that this will be the place we are going to live in the future! Right… What are the odds, given there are no more than 12 house on that street and Karlstad has approximately 75000 inhabitants. Also, there was not a single house for sale in the whole area since we moved to Karlstad.

…but then Thursday arrived and made me believe in fate once again.

I met some girls through a friend and while talking to one of them I mentioned that we are looking for a house. “Oh, are you?” she replied “I have a friend who is going to sell a really nice one! You might want to give her a call” And guess what? It´s on “OUR” street. Isn´t that weird? And what´s even better: we are going to look at it on Friday before they put it on the market!

Random red house

Welcome home!

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I got smarter…

…because I just turned into the happy owner of an iphone. Never had a smart phone before and finally buying one feels almost like Christmas. I have not been this excited for a long time.

Oh what I have been longing for you!

Any suggestions on which apps I should download? What are your favorites?

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IKEA, we love you!

Mondays and Fridays are busy days. The kids are home from daycare and we have action from 7 to 7. To make those days a bit more special and to avoid that we get into each others hair by 3 pm I am usually trying to think of something that both the kids and me enjoy. This Friday we went to IKEA. Doesn´t sound like a place to take the kids? Well, I respectfully disagree. It´s THE place to go. It´s like visiting lots of different places and peeking into other peoples homes, trying lots of different toys in the kids section, searching for stuff that one could use for the princess room and whatever else. It´s only your imagination that sets the limits.  And oh, yes, there is another big advantage, which I almost forgot to mention.  IKEA meatballs! Both my girls LOVE them and therefore we can make their day yet a bit more special (and mine a bit easier, I admit) by having a girls lunch out.

We didn´t buy much this time (which is nearly worth an applause!!!) but we found the one thing that we were looking for: a princess treasure chest. Not expensive at all and just right for a little project to do with the kids at home. Here is how the rest of the day was spent:

Ok, now let´s get organised. Who is who, and where is who in the chest building world?
Screw you!
“I – will – get – this -screw-in, aaarrrr…” “Ok, keep trying, while I test whether your construction holds”!
Yeah, we made it! Tjohooo! There is actually space not only for our princess stuff but also for us. Awesome.

PS: Sorry, but I haven´t figured out how to get the captions underneath each picture… Looks good in my draft but not once it´s published. Any advice?

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Right now, we are…

* watching snow flakes dance in front of our kitchen window

*having discussions about whether we should listen to this:

 or this (thanks A. for sending me the link, it´s awesome):

* wearing at least three layers of clothes when we go outside, which means it takes us about half an hour to get ready each time.

* wondering whether the snow will stay with us until Saturday. WE WOULD LOVE TO  GO  SKIING.

* hoping that more jobs are popping up so that I can start applying.

* excited about the fact that we got a real, personal letter AND a package stuffed with goodies in the mail this week.

* loving the crack and sizzling sounds of burning wood in our new fireplace.

* feeling grateful for living in Sweden after reading about all the awful things going on around the world.

* fantasizing about all the fun things that we should/could do.

* wondering when we will find the time to actually do them.

* watching Pippi Longstocking over and over again.

* writing love letters to a little boy in England (well one of us is!)

* planning a wedding (not ours!)

* waiting for the sour dough to get in shape

* starting to work out again

* wishing you a lovely day, where ever you are!

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Please hold the line

We were supposed to get internet a month ago, but we didn´t. One month, that is 31 days or 744 hours. Quite a long time, right? Especially if you consider that I spent at least two of those hours in a telephone cue to get in touch with the service provider to understand WHY we couldn´t connect to the outside world. Unfortunately there was no answer and instead we were given a broadband dongle that should substitute for the lacking internet connection until the problem was solved.

At first I was grateful that I got some help at all, but after a week or so I started to feel irritation and frustration creeping in. Nothing happened. No internet. No updates from the company on how things were proceeding. Nothing. Nix. Niente.

So I dialed, held the line, brushed my teeth, made coffee, held the line still, read the paper, took a shower, held the line a few more minutes, had to pee, took down the garbage and held the line some more until it was finally my turn to ask what was going on. “Uhm, well, we are not sure. We will have someone check later today!” “Later today??? I have been waiting for a week…” “I am sorry, but I am not sure what´s going on. We will check…”

And from then on things started to become a classic in repeat.  No answers, I did lots of things while holding the line, my broadband dongle got prolonged and prolonged and my internet connection remained silent.

One thing that really ticked me off during those weeks were the calls that the company made AFTER I had spoken to customer service to establish “how they have been doing”. And trust me, I would have told them how they had been doing IF I had talked to a real person but no, they are smart enough to make a machine call you. I wonder whether they ever get any answers. Imagine you are already pretty annoyed and then this: – ” What did you think about our service? (recorded voice)” – “Not really good” “I am sorry, did you say jolly good?” “No, I said YOU SUCK!” “I am sorry, did you say….”

Well, I am sure you get my point… Anyhow, to make a long story short,  after hours and hours of very irritating cuing and nearly making peace with the thought of living my life with a broadband dongle, I decided in a desperate moment, to call another company, which is also involved in providing internet to our house. All it needed was a two minute chat and the whole issue was solved. They called the telephone company on my behalf (thanks for saving me from 20 more minutes holding the line) and just a wee little later I was surfing across the www with my very own internet access at home. And guess who called me the same evening? You are right. A real person from my internet providers customer service to tell me that THEY had fixed the problem. Well, cheers!

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Facebook wisdom

If you think you are too small to have an impact,

try sleeping with a mosquito in your room!

Good motto, especially since I am job hunting at the moment…  Bsssssss here I come. Watch out all you employers out there!!!

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